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Hashlist helped me connect with some of the most exciting jobs with mobility companies. Loved the straightforward process.

@Amanda, previously at @Tesla, Back-end Developer

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Why should I apply with Hashlist?

We allow you to connect directly with top automotive companies on a global scale. You get contacted about relevant opportunities directly.

How does the application work?

You fill in some basic information such as CV, previous experience and your preferences about future opportunities. After that, your profile is screened by our technical recruiters. If you are accepted, you can directly be contacted for expert opportunities

What is Hashlist's business model?

We charge companies an administration fee for keeping up the hourly engagement on top of your rate. For you it's completely free to use.

Should I apply if I already have a job?

Yes! We help you explore your worth on the market and give you options for new opportunities. You can also set your availability to "passively looking" or purely engage in part-time contractor engagements.