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Want to learn how we built a way to interact with qualified tech talent in a way not possible elsewhere? Follow along.

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We understood why tech hiring is hard.

Hiring the best tech talent is hard. On average, hiring a software developer costs €10k+ and takes upwards of 80+ hours in sourcing and interviewing times.And that is if you already have a good employer brand. Building it up is highly costly, both money and time-wise.When you search for a quick fix and hire from a software house or staffing firm, you are stuck with recurring commissions for months if not years even when the actual matching might have taken only days.

To solve it, we invented fast and reliable zero commission hiring.

Hashlist was built as a powerful all-inclusive hiring platform to let you hire tech talent faster, more affordable and more reliable than ever before.No commissions are charged ever. Once you hire, the candidate works directly with you.In addition, our goal is to make 100% of our customer succeed in recruiting the right technical talent.We don't stop where others would. We combine a highly efficient sourcing platform with world-class service to ensure you always reach your hiring goals in tech with Hashlist.

And perfected the candidate experience.

We believe the world's best solution is free for candidates. And by that, we really mean it. No hidden commissions eating a large part of their salary, no recruitment fees that make hiring manager prioritise other candidates. Just a simple and genuine way to connect without prejudice or middlemen. In addition, every candidate that joins Hashlist is individually treated on the highest level with constant feedback on their application until they meet a fitting team.

Our Values

Applying our values is what helps us thrive, enjoy what we do, and ship our best work.

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At Hashlist, we deeply analyze our motives and goals, ensuring that all our actions are rooted in a strong sense of purpose, ultimately benefiting our clients and candidates.

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We prioritize empathy in all our interactions, seeking first to understand the needs and perspectives of others. By putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients and candidates, we can deliver tailored solutions.

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Our team at Hashlist is passionate about the details. We meticulously craft every aspect of our work, from the words we use to the platform we develop, ensuring the highest quality experience for our users.

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We believe in clear and concise communication, eliminating any unnecessary complexity. Our direct approach allows us to effectively address challenges and maintain focus on our mission.

Raised €700k+ by world-class founders & partners

We are backed by some of the Nordics best tech investors, with deep expertise in the tech talent ecosystem and building scaleable companies.

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A passionate software-driven team behind Hashlist

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