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Why it matters

Automotive is changing rapidly

The automotive sector is going through a huge software-driven transformation. The workforce across OEMs, Tier1s, and development partners is changing into tech-first.

Traditionally, automotive hasn’t been attractive for tech talent due to long hiring times and lack of access to the right roles

Delivering SDV, and EV related projects is a major talent challenge for most automotive companies.

Not having access to the right tech talent may cause expensive software-related recalls, product release delays and competitors getting ahead

Hashlist: 100% automotive focused tech talent resourcing

Hashlist is a global tech talent resourcing platform that helps automotive players engage the best tech talent globally.

The platform is used by global engineering teams to deliver faster by having comprehensive unified talent access, integrated payroll & HR compliance, and world class customer support.

With Hashlist, automotive companies can focus on long-term change, through a thoughtfully crafted partnership.

Strength in leadership

Robert Laukas

Enterprise Solutions

Andrzej Swaton

Tech Lead

Trusted by global automotive leaders

If automotive is going to compete for the best and brightest, a new approach is needed.

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