Our Mission

We help automotive companies transform faster by accessing a global pool of technical experts.

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Helsinki, Southern Finland

Why it matters

Automotive is changing rapidly

We are currently going through one of the biggest mobility revolutions the world has ever seen. Companies are transforming fleets consisting of millions of individual vehicles into self-driving, connected, and autonomous machines.

Major bottlenecks ahead

Going software-first is a major talent challenge for most mobility companies due to a legacy background, localised operations, and non-transparent hiring.

Hashlist: A new approach

A new approach is needed to navigate the new complexities facing mobility companies. We help them transition from legacy to tech-first, through our network of experts and all-in-one hiring network. We make it easier and faster, to focus on long-term change, through a thoughtfully crafted partnership.

Strength in leadership

Robert Laukas

Enterprise Solutions

Andrzej Swaton

Tech Lead

Trusted by global automotive leaders

If automotive is going to compete with big tech for the best and brightest, a new approach is needed.

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