Most In-Demand Automotive Tech Jobs April 2024

We made a report of the most in-demand automotive tech jobs April 2024 on Hashlist and compared it to the broader automotive job market.

William Engblom

In April 2024, Hashlist saw a record amount of jobs in Testing & Validation roles, as well as demand for Embedded & Mobile Engineers.

The top 3 jobs on Hashlist in April were for:

  1. Test & Validation Engineers
  2. Embedded Engineers
  3. Mobile Engineers

Hashlist partners hired across the spectrum, and continued to increase the volume of positions.

We decided to compare the Hashlist platform activity to the broader automotive sector, and identified the following automotive tech jobs to be the highest in demand:

Top in-demand automotive tech jobs

  • Test & Validation Engineers: 11500+ open positions
  • Embedded Engineers: 7200+ open positions
  • Integration Engineers: 4000+ open positions
  • Electrical Engineers: 2300+ open positions
  • AI Engineers: 2000+ open positions
  • Mobile Engineers: 1700+ open positions
  • Cybersecurity Specialists 1700+ open positions
  • Hardware Engineers: 1600+ open positions
  • Project Managers: 1500+ open positions
  • ADAS Engineers: 1300+ open positions
  • Devops Engineers: 1000+ open positions
  • Data Engineers: 800+ open positions

In total, there were more than 42,000+ automotive tech positions worldwide.