Mobility companies becoming software-driven with the Hashlist platform

Learn how the Hashlist platform helps mobility companies become software-driven faster and manage global tech hiring under one roof.

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The Hashlist platform can make your tech hiring productivity increase by 40%

Nowadays, a large challenge for legacy mobility companies transitioning into modern software-driven ones is acquiring and retaining top technical talent. 

Traditionally, this hasn’t been a problem since tech workers have primarily served as a secondary function to the hardware. However, recently, we have seen the same companies turning their software into the main product with hardware as the supporting factor.

When top tech talent is key, the Hashlist platform helps you connect with available tech workers at scale, all through one global platform. 

  • Spend less time finding qualified tech workers: The Hashlist platform enables software teams instant visibility to powerful software talent-hiring pipelines. This allows faster hiring and a faster transition into becoming software-driven.

  • Handle global hiring under one roof: Allow your country teams to collaborate and compare talent across regions and countries and coordinate hiring efforts to maximize output and minimize cost.

  • Transparent pricing: With access to 3500+ available tech workers, Hashlist provides you with the best rates for contractor hiring and all-inclusive licenses with no hiring fees for hiring full-time employees at scale.

Hashlist clients typically see big savings by using the platform while increasing their tech hiring productivity by 40%

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With Hashlist, software team leaders can make more accurate decisions, save on costs, and keep global tech hiring under one roof.