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Built for hiring 1 to 1000+

1. Reach instantly available tech candidates. Organise by position.
  • Hashlist consists of both active and passive candidates
  • Get the candidate volume you need to stop making bad hires due to a small top of funnel
  • Anonymous profile makes your pipeline diverse and gender-neutral
2. Shortlist and view detailed candidate profiles
  • Understand candidates significant achievements in split seconds
  • Linkedin, Github and Resume access in one click
  • Technology skills and spoken languages
  • Salary expectations and notice period
  • Remote, relocation and onsite availability
  • EU/US work visa status
  • Export profile to ATS in 1 click (coming soon)
3. Engage and interview
  • Extract candidate contact information or start an instant chat
  • Easily share profile & conversations with your hiring team
  • Understand all the candidate's preferences before even scheduling the first interview
  • Instant interview scheduling in 1 click (coming soon)

What companies are saying

"The engineers we hired on Hashlist raised the standard for the whole engineering team"


CTO at Danish Scaleup Finance

"Hashlist is our go-to tool for hiring engineers when it comes to speed"


Prev. Engineering Manager at UK Beamery, CTO at Stealth Startup.

"Gives me access to an ever-changing database of who is available today"


Software Engineering Manager at Syncro

Hashlist has a unique offering combining direct access + screened talent + direct messaging + dedicates sourcing support"


Co-Founder at "PEOPLED"

"Highly recommend trying Hashlist. It enables me to increase my productivity when sourcing software engineers since I can instantly see which engineers would consider relocation to Finland."


Co-founder at Norders

"Hashlist is developed by developers who understand struggle of hiring for both clients and candidates"


Tech Talent Partner at SIGL:IO

"Hashlist is an excellent platform for sourcing in-demand engineering talent. Easy-to-use features, straightforward value proposition, and no-gimmicks business model sealed the deal for me"


Principal Consultant @ AdHire

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