Top 3 EU Countries to Hire Remote Developers

Are you looking to hire remote developers within the EU? Currently, there are over 6 million of them in the union. The reason the best tech teams hire here is thanks to the good quality/cost ratio. Often, developers from the region rank amongst the best in the world according to various pieces of research. At the same time, the salaries in especially Eastern Europe are lower compared to most Western countries.
March 5, 2023

Hiring in the EU

Hiring inside the EU is a very easy process if your company is located inside the union. The reason is that the union has specific laws and regulations that allow you to both work remotely and relocate to other countries inside the EU with ease.

While other regions may have pools of remote developers, the European market is regarded as one of the largest markets when it comes to finding good developers. To date, it continues to experience significant growth.

According to Truelist, Europe has approximately 6.1 million software developers with Poland, Ukraine, and Germany leading the chart on the basis of top 3 regions for competent software developers.

First up: Poland

Poland has consistently been one of the fastest-growing developer regions in the EU. As a result of its favorable work conditions, the region is favored by companies looking to find remote developers.

Poland is ranked seventh in the Europe Industry Index for software development and has been consistently in this place since 2017. According to Hackerrank, Poland ranks third when it comes to winning programming contests — and 5th in TopCoder Country Ranking stats.

Salaries: According to Payscale, the average salary of a developer is €21k/year

Second: Finland

Finland has long had one of the best educations systems in the world which has consistently produced a very high standard of software developers. However, this has resulted in Finnish developers being very sought and the best ones are hard to get.

Language wise, developers often speak very good English. If your one of your core values is communication, look no further.

The average salary for a Finnish software developer is around €48k.

Third: Germany

With about 901,000 developers, Germany ranks as the European country with the highest number of developers. While a large base may indicate a wide range of talents and options to choose from, this isn’t just what makes Germany a top country to hire remote developers from.

As of January 2021, the government started creating a legal regulation called the Mobile Work Act (Mobile-Arbeit-Gesetz) which, if approved, would give employees a legal right to work from home whenever possible. This only further supports the Work-from-Home culture if successfully approved and implemented.

Salaries: According to PayScale, the average salary for a Software Developer in Germany is €50k.

Bonus: Upcoming regions within the EU

We think Portugal and Estonia are worth mentioning thanks to their growing tech ecosystems and international company presence. Portugal due to its coastline with the Atlantic (talented developers immigrate from South America) and progressive legislation for tech companies. 

Estonia is worth mentioning thanks to the amazing startup ecosystem (Estonia has the most startups per capita in the world!). In addition, several tech unicorns (Bolt, Wise, Veriff) from Estonia has sprung a tech culture that generates a quarter of the nations GDP.

In conclusion

The EU holds some of the best developer talent thanks to its high standards of education, tech culture and a booming startup ecosystem. In addition, EU developers are often far less expensive when comparing to the US counterparts.

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