PART 1 - How I met my two startup co-founders

No one really prepares you for the trajectory changing moment you identify a co-founder. In this blog post, I give the details of how I met 1/2 of my co-founders.
February 27, 2023
In spring 2020, I met someone that would turn my life upside down…

2,5 years ago, I was in the military doing my conscription service in Finland, and I was relocated to another unit since they were educating a new type of military group. I was looking forward to it since I knew I would meet many new people I would be spending 24/7 with.

Rewinding a couple of months, I met by accident Calle Unnérus, another conscript on a bus on our way from the military brigade to Helsinki when our leave had started. The bus was almost full, and there was an empty seat next to me. Calle, whom I had never met before, asked politely if the seat was taken. I told him that the seat was not taken, and the whole bus ride, we spoke about topics ranging from geopolitical issues to technology and the 1,5h bus trip passed by felt like 15 minutes.

After I had moved to the new unit, one of the first guys I bumped into was Calle. During evenings when we had extra time, we started to code with each other, and after a couple of weeks, we started ideating solutions to problems in the talent space. We came up with one solution we wanted to pursue, but we needed to take on someone that knew more about programming than Calle or me.

This is where Maximilian Wittmer stepped into the field.